Tailored Learning Solutions


ILC training consultants are well equipped to work with clients in all business fields, including trading, manufacturing, construction, service industries, and non-government organisations. Whether the required development areas are at organisational, departmental or individual levels, we can develop the skills of the targeted learners and fill any gap between standard performance and the actual.

Tailored Training:

We communicate with organisations and professional groups across all business sectors to keep informed of specific learning demands. Our approach is based on the following six steps, which can be adapted according the needs of the organisation and the targeted individuals:

How do we get involved?

  • Conducting systematic training needs analysis that measure all development areas and their influence on the organisational, departmental and individual performance
  • Identifying the knowledge gap between standard and actual performance of the targeted department or individuals
  • Assessing the short- and long-term performance objectives of the organisation
  • Designing and delivering the right training package for the targeted learners
  • Assessing knowledge development of the learners ahead after training ‘’ Post Training Analysis’’
  • Assessing the demonstration of the new acquired knowledge in the real life of work 3 months after training


ILC Team