Our Philosophy


The 21 century have driven different aspects of challenges to talents and organisations to cope with the rapid development of business markets and technology revolution worldwide. This has created fierce competition between organisations to survive and win the competitive advantage, where having the right talents is a primary tool to sustain the branding of any successful business.

We believe that the global markets are influenced by the Knowledge Economy, where competition between talents to distinguish themselves and stand out of the crowd is a huge challenge that needs new mind mapping. ILC is aware of the core techniques that guide our learners to engage into the job market, develop their skills and broaden their knowledge using a high standard interactive learning strategy. We coach our learners to ensure efficient demonstration of the acquired knowledge in the real professional work life.

Processing advanced training needs assessments and designing good training programmes and even applying post training assessments, does not necessarily lead learners into having the right knowledge needed. At ILC we make sure that our courses and workshops are designed to provide the practical interpretation of business life related knowledge and going extra miles from delivering theoretical learning methodologies or traditional training manners.

Our consulting philosophy is influenced by many aspects in the strategy we adopt in providing our learning service to corporates. We know from experience that organisations need more than consultation or advice to address their strategic business issues. ILC is committed to acting the role of a strategic business partner across our service, with full guidance and mentorship for changes they need to consider’’ The KNOW WHAT ‘’, the strategic and operational approaches need to be taken ‘’KNOW HOW’’, and finally planning an organic transition time frame of the required changes in their business entity ‘’ KNOW WHEN’’.



ILC Team