Education Service

The high quality education standards sustained with the volume of universities and academic associations, bring to UK the privilege of being one of the most preferred places worldwide for students to complete their academic education. However, the diversity of study majors and specialities of each academic body, along with the ramified admission policies, bring a tiring challenge for students to fit their choice of study.

ILC education services consultants work to facilitate different options for students to select the best study major within the most suitable academic association, guide them all the way during their application process and prepare them ready to meet the admission criteria.

How can we help students to find their university?

  – Evaluating student’s admission drivers

  – Identifying deficiency for applications and provide guidance to improve admission chances

  – Identifying the criteria for selecting the best programme and college to fit their study interest.

  – Assisting students to prepare their statement in a professional approach to attract admission of their applications.

  – Assisting students across their application process and prepare them for the interview.

  – Providing continuous customer service support to students to ensure consistent positive response to their enquiries


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