Effective Management Competencies


Venue:         Manchester
Date:             8 August 2018


Venue:         London
Date:            15 August 2018


Venue:         Istanbul
Date:             21 August 2018


Venue:         Riyadh
Date:            9 October  2018


Duration:     3 Days

Fees:             £ 1,100   (Includes: Course Material, Lunch, Snacks & Refreshments, Certificate)


This Workshop is designed to provide learners with systematic overview of the core attributes of competencies that any business entrepreneur should have. Those attributes are derived from the needs of contemporary business world we live in today, to facilitate practical subjects, delivered in an interactive learning environment.

Workshop Modules are systematically selected in a systematic chain sequence between all modules, where learner is able to utilise the acquired knowledge from the previous module for best interaction with the next one.



Day 1 (5 Hours)

Think Strategy, Live Strategy

  • Why Managers Don’t Plan
  • Strategy Pyramid
  • Strategic Management Model
  • 5 Drivers Of Strategy
  • Strategy & Competition
  • Change Management Fundamentals
  • Mangers Vs Business risks
  • Managers vs Crises
  • Case Study& Group Discussion


Day 2 (5 Hours)

Effective Communication Skills

  • Functions of Communication
  • Process of Communication
  • Communication Barriers
  • Communication & Technology
  • Listening skills, Are you a good listener?
  • Build your Presentation Skills
  • Introduction to Public Speaking Public Speaking
  • Case Study& Group Discussion


Day 3 (5 Hours)

Competencies Framework Part 1

  • Leadership and influencing (Are you a Leader or a Manager)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Delegation & Empowerment
  • Motivation attributes
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Case Study and Group Discussion


Day 4   (5 Hours)

Competencies Framework – Part2

  • Cognitive Competencies
  • Time Managements
  • Creative thinking and mind mapping
  • How to lead by example ( Act as a role model)
  • 7 Habits for Success
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Case Study and Group Discussion


Day 5  (5 Hours)

The Art of Negotiation

  • Alternative methods of making decisions
  • What is Negotiations
  • Advising negotiations
  • Distributive Bargaining
  • Preparation for Negotiation
  • Debate in Negotiation
  • From proposal to Bargaining
  • Styles of Negotiations
  • Personality in Negotiation
  • Cultures and Negotiation
  • Case Study and Group Discussion


  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who aim to acquire new paradigms of managerial skills and commercial awareness to run their business in a systematic and organic mind-set.


  • Technical professionals who are making vertical and horizontal changes in their career to engage a managerial position that require wider overview on different areas, cross functional responsibilities and contribute to strategic decision making.


  • Potential managers and business professionals who are seeking an advanced practical insight on the main pillars of management competencies and linking their operational experience to a practical strategic management.


  • During the Workshop, learners will be interacting in practical discussions and exercises to sharpen their management and operational skills.


  • After Workshop, delegates will be in higher awareness level of their competencies, and they will be a better position to make business decisions based on the new paradigm of knowledge they have acquired.  In other word this workshop will help you to add strategic value to your knowledge


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