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  • Corporate Consulting


    Our service is based on extensive analysis on both the current business status and targeted development goal of our client. We do not provide pre tailored business solutions, but rather we live the development areas of our clients business in every stage and address it practically through several internal and external analysis.

    ILC is committed to deliver organic change management solutions for organisations and assist them to prepare change champions who will lead their strategic and operational transformation.

    Our consulting service is inspired by three strategic change process:

  • Receptive and Conception Stage: Change concept is agreed and new strategic discourses are developed
  • Transition Stage: Change is communicated and practiced across all business aspects
  • Embedding and Feedback Stage: The new strategic discourse has taken root in the organisation and outcomes of strategic change are fed back into the organisational contexts

And covers:

  • Organisations Development (OD)
  • Human Resources Management and Development
  • Commercial Management (Sales- Marketing-Customer Service)
  • Operation Management
  • Finance Management
  • Quality Management


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